Other Ways to Give

There are easy ways to boost your donation!


Workplace Giving Programs:

Your employer may match charitable contributions or provide employees paid time for volunteer activities. The typical process starts with contacting your Human Resources department to ask about the process and obtain the form.


Give More Pay Less! Direct your Amazon Smile account to 350 Bay Area:

Right below the search bar at the top is a bolded notification about who you’re supporting with Amazon Smile purchases. Click on that to choose 350 Bay Area as the organization you support. You can also select “Your AmazonSmile” from the Account & Lists menu item on the right side of the top menu bar. It’s an easy way to support the cause!


Throw a Party, Support the Cause:

Have a house party for 350 Bay Area. One of the most powerful ways you can contribute to mitigating climate warming is to spread the word to build the crowd swell insisting on immediate action from our elected officials at all levels. Throw a party to increase awareness that the time for action is now. We can provide supporting materials, a presentation, and a presenter if you need it: party in a box! Fundraising for 350 Bay Area goes a long way, and many concerned people don’t have time for extensive volunteering, but still want to be part of the solution. For more information, contact Party@350BayArea.org.


Go Solar! Lower your electric bill and benefit 350 Bay Area:

If you chose Earthwise Energy for your solar installation on your home or business, Earthwise owner Jason Hamilton will give you $1000 off the cost of your system and donate $1000 to 350 Bay Area when your installation is complete. Click here for a free estimate.

 “I recently decided to go solar on my home.  Of the four estimates I received, the offer from Jason Hamilton was by far the clearest and most thorough. In my opinion, Earthwise Energy left the other 3 companies in the dust! I am so delighted by the severe drop in my PG&E electric bill!”  - Sita Kuhfu, San Anselmo, CA


Special Occasion Giving:

Give a gift that really means something. In lieu of gifts, celebrate the special occasions of life like birthdays, weddings or showers by supporting the work of 350 Bay Area.


Tribute Giving:

A tribute is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give - a gift to help fund issue education and policy reform on our pressing climate crisis. Make a donation to 350 Bay Area in honor or memory of someone special while making the world a better place.


Planned Giving:

You can include 350 Bay Area in your will! You need to specify 350 Bay Area, PO Box 18762, Oakland CA 94619, and the tax id number: 47-2407547. If you have questions, you can email our Treasurer: Jack@350BayArea.org.